INDUSTRIAL QUÍMICA KEY, SA is a company dedicated to agriculture that offers a wide range of high-performance plant protection products to achieve maximum agricultural benefits and the necessary resources to minimize risks during the life cycle of its products.

It is the policy of INDUSTRIAL QUÍMICA KEY, SA to supply at all times and to all customers, taking into account their values through permanent contact, quality products free of defects within the stipulated deadlines, to meet their expectations.

INDUSTRIAL QUÍMICA KEY, SA applies an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (SGI), updated at all levels of the company and to all external collaborators of the company. In addition, it also complies with all legislation relevant to the chemical manufacturing industry, including the Occupational Risk Prevention Law, to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of people.

INDUSTRIAL QUÍMICA KEY, SA is committed to protecting the environment, as well as preventing pollution, improving the control and management of its waste, among other environmental aspects, in order to minimize its environmental printing and promote responsible agriculture. In addition, it develops actions to reduce the consumption of natural resources, both water and energy, as well as promoting the recovery of the waste generated.

Quality and Environmental objectives are established that are reviewed during the Management Review meetings and the status of the SGI is communicated to the staff through the corresponding report or meeting.

INDUSTRIAL QUÍMICA KEY, SA is characterized by an entrepreneurial mindset and a philosophy inspired by constant improvement as a process of improvement. That is why it is committed to a continuous improvement process in its SGI and includes a commitment to comply with legal and other applicable requirements.

Management also acquires the commitment to provide all the material and human resources necessary to carry out the Company's Integrated Policy to a successful conclusion.

Management declares that the requirements contained in the documentation that constitutes the Integrated Management System are mandatory.


In Tàrrega on January 30, 2020

Mercè Sebastián / Josep Domingo
Managers of Industrial Química Key, SA